Friday, December 16, 2016

Sizzling eggplant and other vegan Cantonese delights at Veggie Lee in Hayward, California

Sizzling eggplant with vegan fish steak at Veggie Lee in Hayward, California
Sizzling eggplant with vegan fish steak at Veggie Lee in Hayward, California
Across the bay from San Francisco is the best vegan Asian food I've ever had. A huge selection, fabulous flavors, and did I mention it's vegan? Read my full review of Veggie Lee in Hayward, California with more pictures after the break.

The story here is that Veggie Lee used to run a traditional Cantonese seafood restaurant, but wanted to serve healthier food to his customers. And so he sold that place and opened Veggie Lee.

I was tipped off to the fried pumpkin from a review in East Bay Express. Wow, this was incredible. It tasted a lot like sweet potato, but it was crisper. The tempura sauce was very thin and not oily at all. This was fantastic. 

Not to be outdone by the fried pumpkin, the eggplant and fish steak was amazing, too. The eggplant was cooked perfectly, and I enjoyed that Veggie Lee doubled-down on the protein by adding fried tofu in addition to the mock fish. Toss in the green bell peppers and this dish was a complete treat. And it arrived in a sizzling plate so it was as dramatic as it was tasty.

Hot and sour soup with mock pork. Your non-vegan friends won't know this is vegan.
Tofu and mock fried pork
Like the sizzling eggplant and fish, the mock pork was not the only protein in this dish. As you can see, there is plenty of soft tofu. The sauce was very light and delicious. I really enjoy eating Chinese food that isn't loaded down with thick, sweet sauces and lots of breaded items. The flavors of the vegetables really come through, and it's always a good thing to cut down on the oil in your food.

There's plenty of seating and parking at Veggie Lee.

TIP! Check the Veggie Lee web site for their hours because they close for a few hours between lunch and dinner. 

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