Saturday, November 19, 2016

Vegan smoothies at Smoothie King

Mango Kale
Sunwarrior® Raw Plant-Based Protein, Kale, Mango Juice Blend, Bananas, Apple Juice, Almonds
The kale flavor comes through with plenty of sweetness from the fruit. This reminded me of the smoothies I've had in San Diego and at Jiggle Berry in Amarillo. It's non-dairy and nutritious.
Nutty Super Grain
Sunwarrior® Raw Plant-Based Protein, Almond Milk, Peanut Butter, Super Grains, 100% Cocoa, Apple Juice, Bananas
The nutty flavor really comes through in this one, and it's definitely a meal replacement.
Dark Chocolate Banana
Sunwarrior® Raw Plant-Based Protein, 100% Cocoa, Bananas, Açaí Sorbet
This vegan smoothie is chock full of chocolaty flavor. The banana and sorbet sweeten it up.
Drive-thru Smoothie King in Picayune, Mississippi

I tried these vegan smoothies in San Antonio, Picayune (Mississippi) and New Orleans, but you can get these vegan smoothies at any Smoothie King. Check out the Smoothie King web site and the Smoothie King page on Facebook for locations. And of course Smoothie King has plenty of other types of smoothies, so check them out.

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