Monday, November 14, 2016

Veggie smoothies at Jiggle Berry Juice Bar in Amarillo

Veggie smoothies at Jiggle Berry Juice Bar in Amarillo
Jiggle Berry Juice Bar in Amarillo
I've been tracking down the vegetarian and vegan eats in Amarillo for the past few days, and each day I got my start with one of the fruit & veggie smoothies at Jiggle Berry Juice Bar in Amarillo, Texas. Read about each one I tried along with more pictures after the break.

I have to point out how friendly the staff is at Jiggle Berry. I'm new to veggie smoothies so I asked a lot of questions which they answered and offered suggestions. I'm glad I was able to try out so many of the different ones on their menu.

Jiggle Berry uses frozen fruit and doesn't add any fruit juice or sugar to the veggie smoothies I had. (Jiggle Berry has plenty of other juice smoothie options, too.)

Greedy Greens smoothie at Jiggle Berry Juice Bar in Amarillo
Greedy Greens
Spinach, Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Pineapple
Very tasty! The apple and pineapple give it some sweetness, and the kale flavor comes through without being too much.
Carrot Kick smoothie at Jiggle Berry Juice Bar in Amarillo
Carrot Kick
Carrot, Ginger, Cayenne, Mango, Apple
Excellent! Also the first smoothie I've had with some spicy heat in it. The ginger also kicks up the heat and flavor, and the carrot and apple give it some sweetness. This reminded me a lot of the smoothies I've had in San Diego.
Wheatgrass (1oz), Apple, Pineapple, Lime, Lemon, Turbinado
Maybe my favorite of them all (and they are all delicious). Of course it's sweet with the turbinado, and the lemon and lime aftertaste is incredible. What a combination of tartness and sweetness. And I love the name, too.

Sweet Surprise
Sweet Potato, Apple, Cinnamon, Peach, Blueberry
How did this smoothie get so sweet without any added sugar? And I love the purple color. This smoothie will brighten anyone's day. The hint of cinnamon gives this one a very unique flavor.
I'm no smoothie expert, but I have to say what a pleasant surprise it was to find such a variety of unique flavors. I didn't expect to find flavorings like lime and cinnamon in a vegetarian smoothie. Maybe someday Jiggle Berry will expand and open up in California!

Do I have a favorite Jiggle Berry smoothie? That's a tough choice. They were all fresh, tasty, and delicious. And they kept me full for the rest of the morning. The Carrot Kick might be my favorite, since it was sweet and spicy at the same time, and I've never had a spicy smoothie before. The Grassarita was the sweetest and the kick of lime juice gave it a wonderful aftertaste. And the Greedy Greens was a surprise, since I've never before had a kale smoothie but have read many comments that a lot of people don't prefer them, and I liked it a lot. 

Another thing I liked was the temperature of these smoothies. These are cold, but not icy or too cold. No brain freeze here.

Matcha shot
I earned enough on my rewards card for a free shot of matcha after only two smoothies! So definitely sign up for Jiggle Berry's free rewards card.

There's plenty of comfortable seating at Jiggle Berry. Pick up your smoothie then sit down and relax. Tons of parking too, although I don't think parking is an issue anywhere in Amarillo.

See Jiggle Berry's full menu on their web site or the Jiggle Berry page on Facebook.

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