Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Longmire filming locations in New Mexico

I'm making my through the Green Chile Cheeseburger trail in New Mexico. And it turns out, some of the same places are used as filming locations for the USA Network (and now Netflix) television series, Longmire. See more pictures after the jump.

The buildings and park are in the historic plaza of Las Vegas, New Mexico (about an hour east of Santa Fe). These are the locations of the sheriff's office.

The Red Pony bar is filmed inside the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid, New Mexico (about half an hour southwest of Santa Fe). I got there before it opened, and as you can see the outside is not used in the filming of Longmire. That explains why you never see anyone going from outside into the bar without a cut. BTW -- this is one of the Top 10 places to get a green chile cheeseburger!


  1. Very cool. Thank you for sharing these. I am a big Longmire fan!

  2. OK. I've heard of the Marguerita Trail and The Turquoise Trail, but never The Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail. LOL. You've made my day. And while I visited your page for the Longmire reference, I'm leaving (and saving) The Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail info. Just might partake myself. Thank you!

  3. I stopped at the mine shaft in Madrid. The waitress there was so friendly and gave me a lot of info about the Longmire series. I loved it and plan to go back many times.


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