Sunday, October 2, 2016

Best Fish and Chips in Portland

Wondering where to find the best fish & chips in Portland, Oregon?

Here's my review of the Top 5 Fish and Chips restaurants and food trucks in Portland.

The full order of fish and chips at The Moon and Sixpence Pub is exactly that -- a plate-spanning piece of cod fried to perfection. Great pub atmosphere with a long list of beers. Enjoy a walk through Portland's Hollywood district after your meal. Read my full review of The Moon and Sixpence Pub.


It doesn't get any fresher than the fish & chips at The Frying Scotsman in downtown Portland. The fish and chips are dumped directly from the fryer in this tiny food truck into your to-go box. Read my full review of The Frying Scotsman.

Definitely the tastiest batter of any of the fish & chips we ate in PDX was on the halibut fish and chips at Horse Brass Pub. Plenty of other British food can be found here, and play a game of darts after your dinner. There's plenty of other good PDX eats along Belmont Street, too. Read my full review of Horse Brass Pub.

Get your fish & chips any way like at The Fishwife Seafood Restaurant with the choice of cod or halibut and baked or fried. The waffle fries are a tasty replacement for the chips. Check out the retro dining tables. There's plenty of other seafood, too. Read my review of The Fishwife Seafood Restaurant.

It wouldn't be without a healthy option, and Corbett Fish House ditches the batter with gluten-free brown rice flour. And you can't miss the long list of tasty (and cheap!) seafood on the happy menu. Read my full review of Corbett Fish House.

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What's your favorite fish & chips in Portland? Let me know in the comments below.

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